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Wool Carpets

At Kruger Carpets we have been traditionally known as the wool carpet warehouse. That is because the best bargains to be had at Kruger Carpets is on our range of wool carpets. The Bulk of our clearance stock is 100% wool or wool blends that range from $59 per broadloom metre to $189 per broadloom metre. (1 x BLM = 3.66m2) At Kruger Carpets we proudly claim to sell carpets up to half the retail price, but with our wool products it is all too common that we sell the carpets for a lot more than half the retail price. For example we often have wool carpets that range from $250-$350 per broadloom metre in retail outlets which we sell for around $129 per broadloom metre at Kruger Carpets. We have a large selection of twist pile, plush pile, textured loop and wool Berbers in all different weights to choose from so call or visit us today.

So why is wool so good?

Allergy sufferers

There is no reason why asthmatic or allergy sensitive people should not enjoy the comfort and good looks of a fully carpeted home. Wool is non-allergenic and does not promote the growth of dust mites or bacteria. Wool fibres are too long and too coarse to be inhaled and therefore do not affect asthma sufferers.

It is airborne particles, which affect allergy sufferers. As you walk over hard floors, dust is immediately disturbed, however a wall-to-wall carpet holds dust in its structure, preventing the whirling up of particles that irritate hay fever and asthma sufferers. Regular vacuuming will remove dust in carpet before it has a chance to build up.

Wool the indoor air ventilator

Regularly cleaned wool carpets actually have a beneficial affect on people's health. Wool fibres actually purify indoor air by absorbing air pollutants and gases.

Many indoor building materials emit small amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Carpets actually emit fewer VOCs than paint, vinyl, polished and lacquered wooden floors, floor wax, wall coverings and nearly all other common building materials.

Not only that, wool fibres can actually absorb nitrous gases and therefore help to purify the indoor air quality.

Wool can also absorb up to a third of its weight in moisture. So, in humid weather, wool carpets absorb moisture, and release it again during dry conditions. Wool carpet naturally acts as an atmospheric buffer in exactly the same way as an evaporative air-conditioner!










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